Archon Data Store™

Archon Data Store™ (ADS) is a powerful, compliant, and modern data management platform that offers data archival and analytics in a web-native platform. ADS is an “end-to-end” data archive to store and manage data at scale, with compliance at its core.

Massive Data

Single Platform for
Archival & Analysis

Metadata Driven

Unlock the Power of Your Data with
Archon Data Store™

Ensuring Compliance and Proper Governance

Archon Data Store™ has a robust compliance engine to ensure you’re compliant-always. With metadata management, an unbreakable chain of custody, and referential integrity, ADS securely manages your data from ingestion to disposition. It provides end-to-end visibility into your data. The platform also leverages time and event-based retention, eDiscovery support, and legal holds to provide a strong compliance framework. But ADS takes it a step further. Driven by metadata, ADS provides granular data retention and disposition, encryption, reporting, and auditing-all to ensure compliance.

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

Bring all your data under one roof a single platform for a complete 360-degree view of your information. ADS is a unified and compliant data management platform that stores and manages substantial quantities of data, even at the PB level. It unifies the best of data warehouses and data lakes, bringing them into a single simple platform. ADS stores data and provides analytics, using Analytics to provide valuable insights. No more data silos-just one platform with everything you need. Uncomplicate data engineering, analytics, data science, and machine learning with ADS.

Archive, Analyze, Unify

ADS brings data archival and analytical capabilities together in a centralized platform to increase efficiency and reduce data management costs. No need for disparate systems for files, structured data, analytics, and reporting-ADS brings it all into a single platform. Using tiered storage, you can balance and adapt to performance and budgetary restrictions. Simplify your IT operations and reduce data management costs and dependencies on legacy and point solutions. Using tiered storage control, you can balance and adapt to performance and budgetary restrictions.

A Scalable Approach to Data Management

ADS allows you to scale data storage with your business and run data analytics and compute requests. And with adaptive storage tiering, separate storage and compute services, and the ability to manage both structured and unstructured data together, Archon Data Store effectively manages your data at scale, while containing the growing costs of maintaining and managing costs.

Simple Data Retrieval

Even after you archive data, you may need to access it. ADS uses efficient data retrieval tools that help you search, access, and retrieve data in seconds. Archon Data Store takes a straightforward approach to data management, security, and governance to help you operate more efficiently and innovate even faster—all while maintaining data integrity by leveraging centralized metadata, optimized data storage, and distributed computing.

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