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You know you need to modernize for various reasons like reducing technology debt, the millions spent on maintaining legacy solutions, and the high price of doing nothing. But the sheer volume of data and uncertainty about what to do with it prevents many organizations from acting. Archon Analyzer speeds up migrations by giving you the insights you need to plan your migration and move forward.

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Map your Data

Archon Analyzer is a database and application profiling tool to identify and build profile characteristics based on metadata and data crawling. Archon Analyzer clearly maps data by identifying the relationships and dependencies between all objects.

Source and Target Compatibility

Ready to migrate but unsure if your data can migrate to the target database? Archon Analyzer conducts a migration assessment to determine if source database objects are compatible with the target server.


Archon Analyzer highlights incompatibilities, letting you track and manually adjust objects to ensure a smooth migration. It also tracks conversion statuses for source database objects as they convert to the target format.

A Phased Approach

Leveraging a wave-by-wave approach lets you slowly phase your migration to the target system, giving you peace of mind that every object and its dependents will migrate successfully to your target source.

Your Migration Dashboard

Archon Analyzer’s migration dashboard helps govern the migration landscape in a single platform. Monitor each object’s status and use the dashboard to view everything you need throughout a migration project.

Complete Validation

Archon Analyzer uses end-to-end data validation for every data and code object after migration completion. It ensures that database behavior is restored, and the migration is successful.

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Stratified Discovery

Archon Analyzer uses a stratified discovery process to build rich metadata. It allows for granular data profiling, crawling, and relationship identification between sources.

Fully Inclusive Migration Validation

Archon Analyzer allows you to verify the correctness of every object and data moved from the source to the target system, including complex code objects.

A Complete Source to Target Migration

Migrating from a Microsoft SQL server to Postgres? Archon Analyzer prepares your data and helps you strategize for a seamless migration between the servers.

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