A Modern Approach to Migrations

Archiving and migrating data from legacy systems can be overwhelming without the right tools. Archon ETL helps businesses like yours archive and migrate to modern databases using powerful workload management and archive-optimized functions. Simplify migration and data archive without sacrificing performance or security with Archon ETL.

Move From Source to Target

Powering Data Action
Move, Migrate, Archive

A Better User Experience

Complicated tools—no matter how helpful—are worthless if difficult to use them. Archon ETL offers a user-friendly interface that lets you fully customize the extraction experience. It adapts to beginners and pros alike. With a wide range of built-in data transformation and integration capabilities, Archon ETL is easy to use and manage, allowing teams to analyze data effortlessly.

Compliance and Tracking Reports

Archon ETL delivers a chain of custody report to help verify data authenticity and accuracy. It includes information about the origin of the data—where and when it was collected, who handled it, and how it was processed. The chain of custody records data movement and handling throughout the ETL process, so you can verify it’s accurate and complete.

ETL at Scale

Archon ETL simplifies scaling your business by accommodating growing data needs—its data handling capabilities scale as you do. It adapts to changing data sources and volumes for improved data processing efficiency. Its microservices architecture leverages distributed processing and data partitioning; caching; elastic resources; and multi-threading to analyze and extract data. It also streamlines the ETL process with a consistent, organized, and secure way to manage extracted and transformed data that is loaded into the target system.

Smart Automation

Our experience has made us experts in archiving data on legacy systems. We’ve observed real-time client data that help us understand patterns that inform in-product automation. Archon ETL simplifies and reduces design, development, and testing efforts. It also automates processes—like mapping, extracting, transforming, and loading data—to minimize manual intervention and the risk of errors.

Manage Distributed Data at Scale
with Archon ETL Integration

Highly Optimized Data Integrations

Data Caching

Archon ETL caches and manages data more efficiently in memory to speed up processing, improving the data lookups and joins performance.

Elastic Resources

Archon ETL can run on cloud-based platforms that let you use additional resources, like memory and CPU, to handle increased loads.


Archon ETL uses multiple orchestrated threads to process data in parallel to improve performance when managing large data loads.

Distributed Processing and Data Partitioning

Leveraging distributed processing, Archon ETL breaks data loads into manageable chunks, processing them in parallel to increase speed and data load handling.

More Data Storage. Less Time and Resources

Parquet is a columnar storage format optimized for big data processing frameworks like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

The parquet format file generation is typically time-consuming because most ETL tools take an indirect approach to converting the data to XML and then generating parquet. But Archon ETL ensures native parquet file generation using the optimization and parallelism process. File generation takes far less time and resources.

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