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As your organization collects more data, the need for more efficient and streamlined data management grows. To control growth, you’ll need to consider an archive solution. Current transactional systems can’t effectively archive data – a necessity for maintaining responsiveness and reducing overhead. But siloed and inaccessible data stored in different formats on different legacy systems can create serious challenges with compliance and access.

Archon Data Store (ADS) is a robust, secure open source-based platform built to store and manage data at scale. It lets organizations archive and decommission applications, reducing costly infrastructure, licenses, support, and risk profiles. Search, process, and analyze the data, in one platform, to gain crucial business insights and access the data you need – when you need it.

Your Data Management

Unlock the Power of Your Data with
Archon Data Store™

Ensuring Compliance and Proper Governance

Archon Data Store has a robust compliance engine to ensure you’re compliant-always. With metadata management, an unbreakable chain of custody, and referential integrity, ADS securely manages your data from ingestion to disposition. It provides end-to-end visibility into your data. The platform also leverages time and event-based retention, eDiscovery support, and legal holds to provide a strong compliance framework. But ADS takes it a step further. Driven by metadata, ADS provides granular data retention and disposition, encryption, reporting, and auditing-all to ensure compliance.

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

Bring all your data under one roof a single platform for a complete 360-degree view of your information. ADS is a unified and compliant data management platform that stores and manages substantial quantities of data, even at the PB level. It unifies the best of data warehouses and data lakes, bringing them into a single simple platform. ADS stores data and provides analytics, using Analytics to provide valuable insights. No more data silos-just one platform with everything you need. Uncomplicate data engineering, analytics, data science, and machine learning with ADS.

Archive, Analyze, Unify

ADS brings data archival and analytical capabilities together in a centralized platform to increase efficiency and reduce data management costs. No need for disparate systems for files, structured data, analytics, and reporting-ADS brings it all into a single platform. Using tiered storage control, you can balance and adapt to performance and budgetary restrictions. Simplify your IT operations and reduce data management costs and dependencies on legacy and point solutions. Using tiered storage control, you can balance and adapt to performance and budgetary restrictions.

A Scalable Approach to Data Management

ADS allows you to scale data storage with your business and run data analytics and compute requests. And with adaptive storage tiering, separate storage and compute services, and the ability to manage both structured and unstructured data together, Archon Data Store effectively manages your data at scale, while containing the growing costs of maintaining and managing costs.

Simple Data Retrieval

Even after you archive data, you may need to access it. ADS uses efficient data retrieval tools that help you search, access, and retrieve data in seconds. Archon Data Store takes a straightforward approach to data management, security, and governance to help you operate more efficiently and innovate even faster—all while maintaining data integrity by leveraging centralized metadata, optimized data storage, and distributed computing.

Massively Scale Your Distributed Data
Integration with ADS

Experience Ultimate Data Control with Archon Data Store™

Support for all Data type
Everything You Need, All In One Place

Archiving data, decommissioning applications, and managing your data doesn’t have to be complicated. ADS brings everything together in a single platform so you can effortlessly store and manage your data.

Data Inclusive

Whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, ADS stores and manages any form of data from any source or application. It also supports various ingestion processes, offering maximum flexibility with your record types, like table, data, file, or compound.

Uncompromising Performance at Scale

As your business grows, your data storage capabilities should scale with you—without compromising performance. ADS gives you the best of both worlds with high-level performance that scales. ADS’s microservice-based architecture makes scalability possible, and storage tiering and on-demand scaling allow ADS to achieve and maintain exceptional performance.

Data Storage Made Easy
Fully Functional and Easy to Use

Accessing data when and where you need it is crucial. But if you store data in dozens of platforms or silo it, searching can be difficult. ADS gives end users simple yet powerful functionality by offering pre-built templates and customizable formats to search for data. You can even configure permissions so that only a select group of users can search for specific data or contents.

On Demand/ Scheduled Migrations and Tiered Storage

Your storage needs will ebb and flow. We built ADS with storage tiering to support your level of need while balancing performance with cost. It also lets you schedule tier migration or do it on demand as your storage needs grow. And you can automate the process, so it migrates in the background—unaffecting the user experience.

Stored Logs Make Auditing Simple

Once your admin determines what actions need to be logged, ADS can log those user activities within the system for auditing or review. ADS stores these logs for easy searching and filtering when you need to understand what actions and events transpired.

Unlocking the True Potential of your Data
Driven by Metadata

Managing and storing data is one thing, but discovery is just as important. ADS takes a metadata-driven approach, centralizing the metadata to help you gain absolute visibility into the data flow, retention and disposition and make it easier to search and find data.

Data Verification and Immutability

When ADS ingests data and documents, it validates and help ensurea smooth migration. Verification includes everything from correctly formatted fields to meeting predetermined parameters, identifying meta data and referential integrity. Only after the data or documents meet all requirements does ADS ingest them into the archive.

Focused on Security

If you store sensitive information in ADS—like personally identifiable information—security is paramount. You don’t want it to be accessible to the wrong people. Data encryption ensures that only authorized users with the proper access can view information. With ADS, encryption, masking, and role-based authentication are some of the standard security measures in place.

Data Integrity - The Top Priority

Create an unbreakable chain of custody to maintain data integrity, throughout the entire data lifecycle. ADS promotes data integrity and validity by taking a metadata-driven approach that allows for validation and decision support before any data in ingested. Within the platform, you can view chain of custody and validation reports.

Power Through your Data Management Lifecycle
Mask Sensitive Data

Sensitive data, like personally identifiable information, is paramount for compliance. But not everyone should have access to it. The ADS platform lets you mask this data at the field level. For example, only specific users can access the complete data, and others can either view partial or no data.

Retention Based on Compliance

While compliance rules arestandard within some industries, your organization may have additional retention and compliance policies. ADS helps automate retention by letting you set custom rules within your organization. Admins and retention managers can determine and apply a retention period for all or selected records, like retaining employee records for five years post-termination or deleting financial records seven years after the contract end date.

Storage During Legal Holds

During a lawsuit, you need access to all required data—even if its retention policy expires soon. When you put data on a legal hold in ADS, it keeps the data until the legal proceedings endto ensure no one disposes the data before removing the hold.

Worry-Free Data Disposal

Data disposition can be stressful if you’re worried about accidentally deleting vital records or not complying with retention policies. ADS creates a purge list once the retention period for a set group of records ends. Only after an admin or retention manager approves deletion the disposition process begins.

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Simple robust data management with compliance

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