Out-of-control costs and complexities from legacy applications

Minnesota’s Fairview Health Systems employs nearly 35,000 employees, with over 5,000 doctors and two million annual clinical visits. As a large healthcare institution, they store high volumes of data. And when they acquired the University of Minnesota physician clinics, their challenges compounded.

The added complexities and increased cost of maintaining multiple legacy applications with patient records quickly burdened Fairview. They needed to reduce operating expenses drastically while modernizing access to patient data. To do this, they partnered with Platform 3 Solution to archive and decommission old EMR and clinical systems.

Platform 3 Solutions archives and retires applications at scale to cut costs and improve patient care

Working alongside Fairview Health Systems, we established an archiving program to archive and retire applications at scale. Compliance was top of mind, and we successfully archived data while maintaining compliance. We used Patient3Sixty as the user interface to give clinicians a comprehensive view of patient records over time and ensured high-quality patient care.

The archiving program has saved Fairview millions in licensing fees, support expenses, and legacy application maintenance. It has also simplified operations, providing integrations from EPIC into the archived data. Fairview now enjoys 360-degree views into patient records, record retention, and HIM functions that increase efficiencies at the point of care and HIMs operations.

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